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Mind and Soul


 living life, we have so many responsibilities. To handle these

responsibilities we have to work throughout our life. Due to this, we have to suffer from so much of tensions and worries and we are in the great need of mental peace. This mental peace is achieved by psychological counseling and yoga. In this respect, our company is the best solution. If we are not healthy then how can we move ahead in our life, it is the practices of yoga that keep us fit and fine. Our company is hiring psychologists and well-trained yoga teachers for serving the common mass.

There are so many ill-circumstances in our life. To face them we need courage and mental balance. This courage and mental balance can be achieved by doing psychological counseling. Our psychologists and yoga teachers guide the individuals on how to face the uneven circumstances of life. We are following the path of making people healthy physically and mentally. It is a simple deal to deal with our yoga teachers and counselors. The aim of our company is to make people healthy without having the greed of money. We are connecting people all over the world.

mind & soul

INR 1250/USD 25/pp/1hour

Psychology Tutorials
Grade wise fee structure

INR 4000/USD 50/Month/pp

INR 1500/USD 25/Pp/Monthly
Chakra Yoga
INR 2100/USD 35/Pp/Monthly
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