Bodysphere by PsychicSphere offers holistic package to attune your body as per Astrology and Ayurveda.You get yourself and your health checked by our Experts and then move accordingly with suggested Yoga and Ayurveda nutrition package. Bringing a life is itself very challenging and taxing. Why not bring the best then? Garbhsanskaar is another package offered for expecting mothers trimester wise incorporating all the essential nutritional tips,Yoga postures and Meditation Pranayaam for the mother and the foetus. It prepares the mother with age old,scientifically proven childbearing procedures and mindfullness for a smoother delivery. Natural/Normal delivery is what our expert aims for,depending upon mother’s health.
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Mindful Parenting is what it takes to upbring the child in a holistic manner. Anyone can hire a nanny or even send kids to creche but that does not guarantee the wholesomeness.
At Mind&Soul,we provide Parenting Coach training as well as give consultations in Parenting and child development.
Being a certified ECCD (Early Childhood Care and Development) Teacher and Primary Art Teacher,Maahi.A.Mehta herself has undergone rigorous training in Parenting and runs this on her platform for concerned parents of today.Ranging from basic explaination to Psychological intervention with her psychology Panelists,Mind&Soul offers excellent and indepth analysis of your child from Birth to Adolescents.


In a life full of challenges,competition, deceit and duality;one needs peace of mind to fight back with wisdom,knowledge and grit.
Mind&SoulSphere offers that in an innovative way of conducting FREE webinars in collaboration with BRAHMAKUMARIS BK Hiteshji-emerging Youth Icon and also various Psychological and sociogical FREE webinars are conducted by Maahi.A.Mehta highlighting psychological and sociological issues amidst youth and adolescents giving practical and astrological solutions.
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