The Angel Effect : Connecting to a realm beyond our understanding

Ever wondered what this powerful word “Communication” could mean?Apart from just the give and take of words, it highlights what one’s intentions. Communication happens thru 3 stages

1.Through looks

2.Through Body language

3.Through Symbols and words.

Through looks is what we refer to as a stranger’s glance or stare if its given uninterruptedly.

Through body language, we talk about non verbal gestures that are given intentionally and unintentionally but

When we talk of our guardian figures or as some call them Angels talking to us-we generally refer to their communication pattern thru symbols, words and numbers!

Angels communicate with us whenever we  seek assistance, guidance or are in trouble and their communication pattern is simple and symbolic-we just need to decipher and understand them ignorer to connect back hence Angel therapy focuses on this communication pattern and understanding this mediumship.

E.g. Constant repetition of Angel numbers 111/222 indicates good fortune and a clear and worry free time ahead-its a way of the cosmos to manifest your desires.

Seeing the heart pattern indicates that love of angels/departed/person in mind is with us.

What if there’s no connection?…well in that case, just be sure that they are around watching us and are waiting for us to connect to them.

So, lets connect together to connect with them.

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May the Angels guide and may the cosmos be with you.