Psychic Sphere/Mind & Soul is registered under Govt.Of India (UDYAM-PB-20-0013710.)and ensures Genuine and Ethical practices.

Maahi.A.Mehta & Psychic Sphere is proud to be associated with world's Best International Astrology Forum-International Astrology Foundation. The affiliation is given after thorough Background check and verification. The courses undertaken from Psychic Sphere will be at par with Global teachings in occult.

Maahi.A.Mehta is an active MEMBER of the prestigious WICCI-Women's Indian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (WICCI) which helps promote women startups and Entrepreneurs.

Maahi.A.Mehta is a registered member of IWHM-Indian women's history museum which is an upcoming project in West Indian city of Pune aiming at promotion of women contributors to the society.